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Why Takaful ?

Takaful is a simple co-operative way of financial protection, that extends benefits to both participants and community according to Shariah. It is based on the principles of Ta-awun (cooperation),brotherhood and solidarity for financial aid between participants.

Family Takaful Products

Tokio Marine Egypt Family Takaful offer a comprehensive range of products and services that are perfect for individuals and family members and corporate employees.Being a part of a Takaful system means you have the unique opportunity to by protection,acquire personal peace of mind,save for the future and help your fellow citizens with the minimum of financial risk.


Tokio Marine Insurance Company was established as the first Japanese non-life insurance company.


Tokio Marine Group Message

We will be there for our customers, playing our part in society in times of need. We will balance our strength as an organization with compassion as individuals, looking beyond profit to deliver fully on our commitments. Through our collective efforts.....


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Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR)

Tokio Marine Egypt Family Takaful aims to contribute actively in response to the needs of our society and to play an important role in social contribution activities, parallel with our business mission and vision.