Currently Tokio Marine Egypt Family Takaful suspends the new individual business.

The company is providing necessary services continuously to the existing customer.

Ahdaf is an individual program designed to fit your needs, offering savings and investment in order to secure
your future and your family’s.

You should not worry about your future any longer as with Ahdaf program, you can secure your future
by maintaining the same standard of living, as by the end of your contract term you can still enjoy your
life by enjoying and getting what you need and in case of claim –God forbid- we will secure your family
and maintain their same standard of living.

Ahdaf benefits

  • The plan is Shariah compliance.
  • Can enjoy savings and long term investments starting at minimum of EGP200 monthly contribution.
  • Covers the risk of Total permanent disability and/or accidental death and partial dismemberment, according to your choice.
  • Provides a Coverage for 11 different types of critical illnesses diseases.
  • In case of maturity, the company will pay the balance of participant investment account (PIA) plus reasonable surplus (if any).
  • Ahdaf is one of the few unique products in the market as it offers coverage till the age of 70 for the basic coverage and 65 years for the TPD
  • In case of claims, the company will pay the investments amount or the capital amount which is bigger.
  • EGP 1000 is paid upon claim as Funeral Expenses

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