Group Term Takaful

As already mentioned, signing for a Group Term Takaful presents the employer as responsible and caring.
This provided an edge over competitors when recruiting quality employees. It retains employees interest in
the company and builds trust, so increasing loyalty and building security for all concerned.
It also demonstrates a serious commitment to their workforce’s well being.

Following the Takaful concept which is based on mutual guarantee,caring and co-operation between
participants, the Group Term Takaful offers protection for groups of employees.

Signing for this plan, contract holders are entitled to receive Takaful benefits. In addition, the contract holders
should survive the duration of the Takaful plan, then they are entitled to receive a share of any surplus
in the Participant Takaful Fund (PTF).


  • Covers the risk of Total disability and/or accidental death or disability.If such an event occur,the beneficial benefit will be paid in one lump sum.
  • If the contract holders,(also referred to as the Participants),survive the term of the Takaful,then they are entitled to share the Participant Takaful Fund surplus.
  • Covers individuals up to age 65.


A defined contribution scheme, provides a retirement fund, which ensures financial stability, security and
independence in the post-retirement years of each member.A GRAF plan would enable employer to provide
gratitude to employees in a convenient manner.


  • Open-ended contract.
  • Contribution and payment method determined by the contractor.

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