Currently Tokio Marine Egypt Family Takaful suspends the new individual business.

The company is providing necessary services continuously to the existing customer.

Daman is a term program provides a simple way for protection and is designed best to fit businessmen needs,
as it facilities taking loans from banks to initiate and/or keep their businesses running, also it gives you the
possibility to protect your company-partner against any obligations in case of death and/or disability.

Daman benefits

  • Shariah compliance.
  • Reasonable rates,the contribution can start at 300 EGP yearly.
  • Covers the risk of Total disability and/or accidental death or dismemberment, as per the clients.
  • One of the few unique products in the market as it could last till the client reaches the age of 70 for the basic rider.
  • EGP 1000 is paid upon claim as Funeral Expenses.

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