Shariah Supervisory Authority

A Shariah Board is an essential component in any Takaful operation, to ensure that all Tokio Marine Egypt’s
operations are Shariah compliant.

The Takaful system of financial operations is firmly seated on Shariah guidelines.
The Shariah Supervisory Authority is composed of highly respected Islamic scholars who also have
backgrounds in a wide variety of relevant business fields.

Their key function is to advise, approve, monitor and investigate if and when necessary. On a day-to-day basis,
they monitor and check every aspect of operations to ensure compliance with Shariah guidelines.

TMFT shariah Supervisory Board Members :

  • Prof. Nasr Farid Wesel (Former Grand Mufti)
  • Prof. Osama Mohamed AlAbd (former chief of Azhar University)
  • Prof. Mohamed AlShahat (Former Dean Faculty Of Shariah & Law Helwan University & Current Secretary General Of The Supreme Council For Islamic Affairs)

TMFT Shariah Board annual reports :

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