Currently Tokio Marine Egypt Family Takaful suspends the new individual business.

The company is providing necessary services continuously to the existing customer.

Themar is a program designed in a simple way to offer savings and investment in order to plan for your future
and secure your family’s future.

Themar benefits:

  • The plan is Shariah compliance.
  • Can enjoy savings and long term investments starting at minimum EGP 200 monthly contribution.
  • In case of claim (God) forbids the company pays the Sum cover required plus the term rider which equals 5 times the basic Sum cover in addition to the cash value.
  • Covers the risk of Total disability in addition to the basic Sum Cover.
  • Covers the risk of ADDB “accidental death or dismemberment benefit”,according to your choice.
  • EGP 1000 is paid upon claim as Funeral Expenses.

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